💡 Start building a beautiful home page

This is a template to give you a head start on building a beautiful landing page for your workspace. You can edit or completely replace this template using Stoplight Flavoured Markdown from the workspace settings. We hope this template helps to get the creative juices flowing.

👋 Welcome to the TSBT workspace

APIs in this workspace:

  • Meet minimum TELUS standards for REST

💡 It helps to start with a basic overview of what users can do with your product.

  • Share interactive documentation with internal and external stakeholders

  • Explore your APIs, track dependencies and view changelogs

  • Invite team members to collaborate on API assets

  • Create and update API designs and documentation

Dig into our documentation and quickstarts to govern, design, and document APIs. The Stoplight Platform has you covered with everything from an interactive API explorer, automatic mock servers, OpenAPI designer, API console, code samples in your favorite languages, and comprehensive examples.


Getting Started

💡 Get your users onboarded quickly with the minimum set of steps required to get started.

You can write getting started articles in Studio or import existing markdown documents. Adding links and icons can be useful. Reminder: This a template - with valuable tips and trick though.

Add Projects

Connect Git repos containing OpenAPI descriptions, JSON Schemas, and markdown articles into your workspace.

Invite Team Members

Bring stakeholders and partners on board with flexible permissions to start sharing collaborating on your design assets.

Explore your Projects

Find APIs, star reusable elements, track dependencies, and try out hosted mocks using Explorer.



💡 Cover important use cases in dedicated tutorials and walkthroughs.

Have a particular problem you're looking to solve? Explore these use cases.



Promote reuse, consistency, and quality across your company.

Learn more



Help architects design beautiful APIs quickly.

Learn more


Developer Experience

Provide an amazing developer experience for internal and external developers.

Learn more

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Explore APIs

💡 List APIs for users to easily discover and consume them.

Notice the tabs? 😉 Read more about Stoplight Flavoured Markdown.

Take a look at our APIs and imagine what you could build.

Amazing API

Use this amazing API to be awesome.



💡 Add a section for FAQs to help users solve issues quickly.

Adding links and icons can be useful. Reminder: This a template - with useful tips and trick though

Can I update this landing page?

Yes, you can edit or completely replace this example template using Stoplight Flavoured Markdown from the workspace settings.

Is this documentation publicly accessible?

You can use this documentation for both public and private use. Adjust project visibility settings to decide which projects are public, internal, or private. Public projects are viewable by anonymous visitors, while internal projects can be accessed by the members of your Stoplight workspace. Private projects can be shared with particular workspace members from the project settings.

How do I update the documentation?

Documentation is always in sync with changes that you make in Studio or your Git repo. The content in your Git repository is your source of truth for the documentation.

Is it possible to change the theme and publish this to a custom domain?

Both of these features will be available soon.


We're Here to Help

💡 Add a section for Support to allow users to contact your support channels.

Tip: You can add emojis to make your documentation more pleasant to read. 🎉🎉

Get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Ask a peer in our community forum about how they use the Stoplight Platform.

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